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In-Nae TaeKwonDo
helping people Live their best life through Martial Arts

In-Nae TKD offers dynamic age specific curriculums for children ages 3 and up. Using age appropriate applications of taekwondo techniques our students build a strong foundation for the Martial Arts while developing critical life skills such as perseverance, self-control and courtesy. We are involved with several community and charitable events throughout the year, teaching our students to  contribute these learned skills to help others.

Our competitive family tuition discounts and flexible scheduling encourages whole family training with our traditional Taekwondo program for ages 10 through adults. To enhance this training, we offer competition opportunities at the local, state and National levels, and strive to give our students the fullest advantage in these arenas.

Martial Arts is a very individualized practice that offers a tremendous opportunity for personal growth physically and mentally. We look forward to helping you reach a higher level of physical fitness, discipline, and confidence. Be assured that we are committed to continually challenge you to be your best!  

Warmest Welcome,

Bridget Hammond
In-Nae TKD